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Gwyn Featonby

Gwyn Featonby – BSc (hons), LicAc, Dip Reflex, Dip Clinical Aroma, Lic.EMMETT Instructor/Practitioner

Contact:  07738813726

Gwyn is a qualified adult and children’s nurse with a first class degree in complementary therapies. She holds qualifications in a number of therapies including, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Acupuncture, and Emmett Technique. Gwyn has been a practicing complementary therapist for over 35 years, and has considerable experience of providing complementary Therapy within the NHS where she has provided symptom management in both adult and children’s cancer and palliative care services for a number of NHS Trusts.

Gwyn has also worked for many years in the development and delivery of complementary therapy training within a range of disciplines for the NHS and has worked with a number of awarding organisations including universities to provide evidence based advanced training to enable complementary therapists to be competent in managing more complex clients. Her work has attracted a number of awards over the years including FHT Tutor of the year, Cancer nursing services most innovative practitioner and Integrated practitioner of the year.

Gwyn continues to offer training on a freelance basis at both foundation and advanced levels, and is particularly keen to promote Emmett training for therapists and complete beginners to therapy.

Gwyn states, ‘I am so excited to be joining the Wellness Centre practice. This is a wonderful opportunity to welcome clients old and new. My philosophy remains that with careful planning and adjustments to therapy interventions, all clients, no matter how complex their condition, can benefit from complementary therapies. Evidence shows that when we have the opportunity to relax and nurture ourselves, the body will create its own healing environment to soothe to ease pain and distress and generate positive benefits for mind, body and soul.’

Gwyn will be offering EMMETT Technique within her treatment range which is a muscle release therapy used to address pain issues and discomfort.  It is a non invasive technique which does not require massage cream, oil, manipulations, hard pressure or cracking therefore making it ideal for those who are more frail, aren’t suitable for massage, or have significant pain.

The results from an Emmett Treatment are often instantaneous and change in moblity and pain relief can be quite dramatic. Gwyn also offers Emmett Lymphatic drainage treatments, designed to give the body an overall boost and refresh but particularly helpful when suffering with congestion of any form.

Further information about how Emmett Technique may help a wide range of problems and a demo video of the therapy in action can be found at:

Gwyn will be offering Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Emmett therapy as part of the Wellness Centre team and is available on Wednesdays. Please call Gwyn directly on mob: 07738813726 for further information and appointment times.


Aromatherapy (75-90 minutes):  £55    

Reflexology (50 minutes):  £40     

Aroma-Reflexology (75 Minutes):  £55     

Emmett Technique (45-60 minutes):  £50