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Working in Harmony

Sandra Shackleton

Tel: 01609 779927

Sandra Shackleton – KFRP, MFHT

Would you like to improve your energy levels, self -esteem, and reduce the need for medication?

Sandra Shackleton is a fully qualified Health Kinesiology practitioner specialising in Allergy Testing.  For further information on Allergy Testing please click here

“Health Kinesiology allows me to bring together all my energy knowledge and experience in a format that best helps my clients to regain their health and well-being.”

You may even be wondering why you should come and see Sandra? “To begin with I have been in the complementary healthcare field for 20 years and have a passion for helping my clients to be well, healthy, and happy.”

Sandra also offers ‘Energy Healing for your Home’.  For further information, please click here.

As well as Health Kinesiology, Sandra is also a fully qualified ‘HealthSpeaker’.  HeartSpeak is a gentle new way of reducing your stress levels and anxieties.  HeartSpeak helps us to remove the causes that lie behind our emotional reactions to life’s trials and tribulations, where we may feel out of control but unaware of why we react this way.

What happens during. HeartSpeak session:

During your HeartSpeak session layers of harmful emotions, feelings and reactions will be systematically resolved – in a safe environment.  HeartSpeak sessions are liberating and empowering experiences, which you have complete control over.  There is no need to divulge your inner most secrets or talk about your ‘issues’ – you simply feel your way through a session. In fact, there is very little talking during a HeartSpeak session – which many find extremely liberating!

Client comments:

Since my last session with you I am still bursting with energy and positivity and the Kinesiology really has changed my life.  Thank you.”  

“Thank you for giving us our life back.”  Parents of a very poorly toddler who refused to wean and was allergic to her hypoallergenic milk with chronic ear infections and tummy pains. Since birth she would cry all the time and was in discomfort until we swapped her milk to one she could digest.

Sandra’s case studies are featured in the book Health Kinesiology author Jane Thurnell-Read. Excerpts available on


“I have a passion for complementary therapies and initially trained in Massage and Reflexology. In 1996 I became a qualified Health Kinesiology Professional Practitioner.  Health Kinesiology is the most amazing healing system created by  Jimmy Scott PHD.  The scope is vast and accessible to everyone”.

For further information, please visit:

Everything that you experience in life has an impact on who you are right now. We are a composite of all our life experiences, good and bad.  Health Kinesiology can quickly eliminate the stressful areas of your life enabling you to move on from physical, and emotional issues that may be holding you back right now.  Our remit is “There is always a way”. Things that may seem insurmountable can be overcome.  My happy clients are testimony to that”.

To speak to Sandra directly and for a confidential chat, please call: 07597 566867, or email Sandra on:

Schedule and Fees

Health Kinesiology and Sandra’s other therapies are available at The Wellness Centre every Tuesday morning from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

Health Kinesiology (initial appointment one and half hours): £115.00

Health Kinesiology (subsequent one hour session): £78.00

Allergy Testing (45 minutes): £52.00

‘HeartSpeak’ session (one hour): £75.00

Tsuboki Japanese face lift massage (45-50 minutes): £50.00

If you would like to book an appointment or to find out further information, please call us on tel: 01609 779927. Sandra can be contacted directly on mob: 07597 566867.