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Kim Kinsella

Tel 01609 779927

Kim Kinsella – MNCHM, RHOM, DipDY, Cert ECBS

Homeopath, Bowen Technique Therapist and Yoga Teacher

Kim has a background in nursing and almost twenty years’ experience managing her own complementary therapy practice in North Yorkshire.  Kim specialises in creating bespoke programmes, comprising all her skills and designed to help you return to your optimum health and well-being in the safest and gentlest way possible.


  • DipDY
  • Yoga for the Special Child (Sonia Sumar method)
  • Dru Post Graduate Certificate Pre-natal Yoga
  • Accredited Practitioner ECBS (European College of Bowen Studies)
  • Additional Bowen Technique Certificates include Bowen Technique for Mother and Baby; Bowen Technique for TMJ/TMD; Bowen Technique for Neurological conditions

Professional Memberships

  • Registered Member of the Alliance of Homeopaths


After training for four years at the Northern College of Homeopathy I was awarded my Licence in Homeopathic Medicine. People come to my Homeopathic clinic for a variety of reasons, for example they may be experiencing the stress of divorce or redundancy, or they may have more physical illnesses such as skin complaints or menopausal symptoms. As a Registered Member of the Alliance of Homeopaths my practice meets the criteria of the Professional Standards Authority for Health, a Government agency that protects the public by overseeing the regulation and registration of healthcare professionals.

Yoga for Adults, Special Child, Pregnancy and Childbirth

I have been a lifelong student of Yoga and a qualified teacher for over 20 years. I have a particular interest in Yoga for Pregnancy and Childbirth. I am delighted to have helped many women cope with the various complaints of pregnancy including back pain, pelvic pain and heartburn.  I work with women to prepare for childbirth and to utilise the calming effect of Yogic breathing techniques and mindfulness practices which will enable them empowered during this natural process.

I have also trained with Jo Manuel as a Teacher in Yoga for the Special Child (Sonia Sumar method), a special programme to help children from birth to three years with developmental impairment to improve motor and cognitive skills.

Yoga for Health & Well being

Together we will create a unique Yoga practice, tailored to suit your needs. You may be looking for a daily practice to enhance your well-being or to help you with health issues such as back and joint pain; neurological conditions such as stroke or Parkinson’s disease; sleep disorders or anxiety and depression. Whatever your motivation, you will benefit from the powerful healing and alignment of Yoga. My approach is gentle and fun, so there is no need to be concerned about being forced into a form of bodily Origami.

Bowen Technique

To complement my work as a Yoga teacher I trained as a Bowen Technique Therapist, specialising in TMJ/TMD; Neurological conditions and Bowen Technique for pregnancy and babies. The Bowen Technique is a safe, non-manipulative, soft tissue therapy that is particularly effective, for example, during pregnancy, helping women to deal with a variety of conditions from back and pelvic pain to anxiety. Babies and small children respond well to the gentle Bowen moves. Common presentations in babies include colic, constipation, sleep problems and teething.  Older children present with a variety of issues including asthma, hay fever, postural issues; TMJ problems (particularly when undergoing Orthodontic work) and anxiety relating to school or life changes.  Adults who attend my Bowen clinic present with a variety of complaints including sports injury; asthma; anxiety, stress and depression; back and joint pain; knee problems; frozen shoulder; migraine and TMJ/TMD. The Bowen Technique is suitable for everybody at every age.

For more information visit or call Kim for a no obligation discussion on 07746 799536

Treatment Schedule and Fees

Kim is available every Wednesday between 9.00am and 7.00pm.  Other appointments available upon request.

Homeopathy and Homeobotanical Therapy Initial Consultation (90 mins): £75, follow up (30-40 mins): £50, prices are non inclusive of remedies

Remedies 4g bottle: £5, 8g bottle: £10, Homeobotanical remedies: £20 (6 weeks supply)

Bowen Technique Initial Consultation (60 mins): £48, course of three treatments: £139 treatments must be booked within 2 months and are non-transferable 

Pre/Post Natal Yoga 1:1 coaching six week course: £260 course must be booked and completed within 2 months and are non-transferable

Rehabilitation yoga coaching (60 mins): £48

Yoga for the Special Child offered at special rates.  Please call Kim to discuss these