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Allergy Testing

Tel: 01609 779927

Is your food upsetting you? Are you sensitive to chemicals?

You may have an allergy if you have any of the following:

 Take control and take the test today

Rashes    Swelling    Irritable Bowel    Bloating    Tired after food    Wheezing    Eczema    Headache    Thrush               Hay Fever    Reacting to smells    Dandruff    Spots/Acne    Watering eyes    Reacting to pollution    Pain       Hyperactivity    Stiffness    Tired all the time    Nausea     Tingling    Numbness    Weight gain or loss    Dry Eyes       Blurred vision    Migraine    Sinus problems    Constant cough

Or any other unexplained symptoms.

Sandra: “Generally, I find that food allergies are only half the story – more and more people are unknowingly allergic to certain chemicals in their perfumes, body products or household cleaners or even molds or pollens. Knowing what to look for can make all the difference in the world!  You can bring your medications along and I will test those too, for side effects.”

“Testing is carried out fully clothed, and is appropriate for all age groups – even babies or the elderly – as it is totally non-invasive (unlike some other methods of allergy testing which use needles or scratching the skin). The bio-feedback obtained through kinesiology muscle testing is uncannily accurate, and many people have been totally surprised by the information given – and delighted at the ensuing results when they avoid the allergens!

How does Allergy Testing with Kinesiology work?

Basically, kinesiology is a simple way of communicating directly with the body to find out whether it can properly process foods and other substances – failure to do so commonly results in ‘allergies’.

You will lie on the couch fully clothed, whilst I press gently upon an upraised arm. The arm remains strong and does not waver. However, if I take a small glass vial containing a substance to which you are allergic and place it upon the torso, the arm finds it impossible to remain strong when pressed, and either wavers or falls down to the couch!!

This makes it easy for me to see immediately which substances are allergens and which are not. Once you know what the allergies are, you can start avoiding them, and watch your symptoms subside one by one!

Can my allergies be fixed?

If you wish, you can begin having these allergies treated using Health Kinesiology, so that the allergies are no longer there! HK is a holistic system of health improvement which treats the whole person – body, mind and spirit. HK treatment will also release stress and make you more relaxed, peaceful and better able to cope with daily life”.

Allergy Testing is available every Tuesday morning at The Wellness Centre.  Sessions (45 mins) are £52.00.