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Bowen Technique

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Bowen Fascial Release Technique

The Bowen Technique was pioneered in the 1950’s by Thomas Bowen in Geelong, Australia and has been available in the UK since 1993.

How does it work?

Bowen is a light-touch, soft tissue technique that is applied to the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body very gently and with minimal pressure.  The practitioner uses a set of gentle, rolling movements with their forefingers and thumbs on precise points on the body. The theory is that these rolling motions trigger impulses in the brain to stimulate healing, release blocked energy and improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage. The treatment can be performed over light clothing.  Bowen’s popularity stems from its effectiveness and simplicity.  There is no need for equipment or any strenuous input from practitioner or patient, making the modality highly versatile.  A key, and unique feature of Bowen are the short breaks that are interspersed throughout the treatment – a set of the gentle moves are made and the patient is then left to rest alone for two to four minutes, allowing the body to assimilate the information.

How can it help me?

Bowen has been reported to be effective for a wide range of ailments, ranging from musculoskeletal dysfunction to headaches, TMD, irritable bowel  syndrome, Hay fever, arthritis, MS, sports injuries, sleep disorders ,PMS, asthma and sleeping problems.  Research has shown vast improvements in cases of frozen shoulder and similar dysfunction, with movement in these conditions responding well to Bowen even when conventional methods have had only a limited effect or none at all.

What does a course of treatment involve?

During your first treatment your Bowen therapist will take a full case history and make physical assessment. The first treatment will involve a rebalancing of your upper and lower body, together with gentle work around your head and face. You initial consultation can last up to 90 minutes. Follow up treatments are recommended at weekly intervals for two further weeks, each lasting 60 minutes.  During these treatments a series of Bowen moves are made, specifically designed to assist your particular health issue.

Further information:

Fees: Initial assessment and treatment (60 mins): £48

Course of three treatments discount: £139

Treatments must be booked within two months and are non-transferable

Call Kim on 07746 799 536 or visit

Kim Kinsella is a fully insured and accredited member of the College of Bowen Studies

The Bowen Technique is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you are unsure, or have any concerns, please consult your GP first.