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Working in Harmony

Gail Barlow

Tel: 01609 779927

Gail Barlow – AIL, DipM, MSTAT

Gail qualified as a Teacher of the F M Alexander Technique in 1990 after studying the Technique for three years in Kendal, Cumbria and is a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (MSTAT). Gail subsequently studied as a postgraduate for a fourth year in London, Devon and Holland, working with the most senior British and American Alexander teachers alive at that time, some of whom had trained with F M Alexander (1869 – 1955) himself.

Gail also completed four years of part-time counselling training, which gives her an understanding of the emotional aspects sometimes present in a student’s distortion pattern.

General Practice

5b77c61e7777d63c2f32d7ea4e9e6824Gail has been in private practice for more than twenty years, has taught over 2,000 people and is the Director of Dolphin Alexander Courses, which she set up in Richmond in 1990. She has a wealth of experience teaching the Technique one-to-one in clinics in North Yorkshire, Co Durham, London, Birmingham and Wales, as well as directing holiday courses for many years in Greece and the South of France.

f596f43207e31765de404ea90151e750In addition, Gail pioneered taking the Technique into companies and into institutions such as Lancaster and Aberystwyth Universities, the National Library of Wales, The Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research etc. designing and providing courses for small groups as part of their staff development programme.

Sue (pictured left) finding her sitting balance (neither collapsed nor arched) in a session with Gail.


68a3a74d67f72ab86249e8405653cbfdGail is a part-time performer herself and so has a special interest in working with musicians, singers, actors and dancers of all levels, both on a one-to-one basis and in small groups. She worked for many years at the Birmingham Conservatoire of Music as the Alexander Technique teacher for the Jazz Degree Course. She has worked on the Performing Arts Degree Course at Aberystwyth University, was the Alexander Teacher for the musicFest Festival for Young People, she worked with Lampeter Chamber Orchestra, with Heartsong Choir and with the Cardiff Tango Dancers. She also taught on the Silsoe Jazz Summer School in London for several years and directed her own ‘Dolfinjazz’ Alexander Technique residential weekend courses for musicians and singers in London.

Gail working with Birmingham Conservatoire jazz student Leo (pictured right).

Schedule and Fees   

Gail offers one-to-one sessions at The Wellness Centre every Wednesday from 1.30am to 5.30pm. Initial consultation, assessment of personal distortion patterns and first teaching sessions takes approximately one hour and costs £75.00. Subsequent sessions, should both teacher and student agree that this is the most appropriate course of action, cost £45.00 for half an hour. There are ‘reminder’ CD’s designed and recorded by Gail to accompany the course.

For more information and photographs about The Alexander Technique, to find out what independent research says about the effectiveness of the Technique and for further information about Gail’s style of teaching, please visit the Dolphin Alexander Courses website.

Alternatively, to discuss your case with Gail or to book an appointment, please contact Gail directly on tel: 01748 884450. Gail can also be contacted via The Wellness Centre on tel: 01609 779927.

NB: Gail also has clinics in Richmond and also offers occasional taster sessions in aid of Macmillan Nurses in Northallerton and other towns in the area. Please click here for further information.