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The Wellness Centre

Working in Harmony

Energy Healing for your Home

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Are there rooms in your home in which you feel uncomfortable? It may feel cold or inhospitable. The feeling can be somewhat intangible – you just can’t put your finger on it, but something feels amiss.

Do you feel drained of energy in your own home, have unsettled sleep patterns? Unexplained illness? Suffer from ME?

Are you having difficulty selling your house? People view, like the house – but no offers come in.

Some people report they became ill after moving into their house – and typically feel better when they spend time away from home.

This could be the result of exposure to Geopathic Stress. This term relates to harmful energies that emanate from the earth causing ill health.

Geo- meaning earth

Pathos – disease or suffering

The term Geopathic Stress means illness emanating from the earth. This can be from a natural or manmade source.

Natural sources include underground water, caves, and geological faults causing a variation in the earth’s electromagnetic field with detrimental effects to health.

Manmade disturbance to the earth’s field include mine works, engineering (tunnels through hillsides etc. fracking, foundations for tall buildings, water mains & sewers etc.

What can be done to improve the situation?

Firstly, these negative energy sources can be harmonised or removed leaving the occupants in a healthier atmosphere to live in.

Initially, I would ask for a floor plan of the house and garden. Using dowsing I will mark up the floor plan and discuss the details with you.

By removing these detrimental energies from you home, your body will have the ability to heal itself restored – peace and harmony will return to your lives once more.

Please contact Sandra to discuss your requirements etc…