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Working in Harmony

Samantha Scholey

Tel: 01609 779927

Samantha Scholey

Samantha is a Transformational Coach, Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching and a registered CAM Coach.
She started her career in Her Majesty’s Prison Service running high intensity treatment programmes with prisoners who had addiction problems which progressed to management and had her moving around the country working at different prisons running their substance misuse and healthcare services.

She then moved on to be Operations Director in the charity sector to continue ensuring that her work had an impact on improving people’s lives because she has always had a desire to help people and understand human behaviour, and this is what led to her to her love of psychology and then led her to training in coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT. 

Samantha works with both the conscious and subconscious mind using to help with a number of issues which include but are not limited to:

•  Self Esteem and Confidence

•   Panic Attacks

•   Anxiety

•   Stress 

•   Weight Management and Food Related Issues

•   Performance and Exam Nerves

•   Habits and Behaviours

•   Addiction

•   Irritable Bowel Syndrome

•   Sleep Conditions

•   Bereavement

Samantha is available for appointments every Saturday and Sunday at The Wellness Centre.

You can find out more about her by visiting her website