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Working in Harmony

Hans-Joerg Sommer

Tel: 01609 779927

Hans-Joerg Sommer – MRSS

eeeb1ab722dd258160134969ecd538e2Joerg is originally from Switzerland, where he completed extensive training and ran a busy and successful Shiatsu practice.

Joerg has trained with some of the most well-known professionals in the Shiatsu world, learning from each, gaining new ideas, ways of treating and cultivating new techniques. Joerg has trained for over eight years and worked for ten years in his field and currently holds a Diploma in Shiatsu.

Having been diagnosed with cancer and then experiencing the breakdown of his first marriage, life events lead Joerg to re-evaluate everything in his life and begin afresh, with a renewed vigour and positive outlook on the world. After working with various therapies along the way, Joerg discovered Shiatsu and a completely different philosophy on life was achieved.

Joerg also provides treatments in Ilkley at the Ilkley Complementary Therapy Centre and also in Knaresborough. For further information on the treatments Joerg provides and to read his patient testimonials, please visit:

shiatsu-society-uk-logoJoerg is a member of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS), the UK’s leading professional Shiatsu organisation, which requires an extremely high standard of training (minimum of three years) in one of their recognised, affiliated schools and a minimum of 500 practice hours.

Joerg is fully insured and adheres to the Shiatsu Society’s strict code of conduct and ethics. Joerg is also a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).


Joerg giving Shiatsu treatment

Schedule and Fees

Shiatsu is available on Tuesday: 9.00am to 5.30pm. Evening appointments are also available upon request.

Shiatsu Initial Consultation and Treatment (90 min): £45.00

Subsequent Treatments (50-60min): £45.00

Partial treatments (30 min): £30.00 for:

Head, neck and shoulder

Shoulder and back

Shoulder and arms

Pelvic knee and leg

Children up to age 14 (30 min): £25.00 (accompanied by parent or guardian)

If you would like to make an appointment or for further details please call us on tel: 01609 779927. Joerg can be contacted directly on tel: 01423 797665 or mob: 0793 0908911.